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Underarm Hair Growth After Five Laser Treatments

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It has been one month, just over 4 weeks, since my fifth laser hair removal appointment.  I have to say, I have been very disappointed in the results of this last appointment.  All of my hair did not shed!  My upper lip shed completely, but my underarm and bikini area never fully finished the shedding process. 

I'm not sure if the hair didn't shed because my hair growth cycles were all out of whack because I took the 6 month break from my laser hair removal treatments, or if the technician just didn't do a good job.  I mentioned in my journal entry following the fifth laser appointment that I didn't have as much redness, swelling or pain as I normal experience during laser hair removal.  I also noticed that the lady was very fast.  At first I thought her swift pace was a blessing, now I think it resulted in areas being missed! 

The outer edges of my underarms did shed.  I cropped the pictures so that a close up of those areas could be seen in the photos.  If you click to enlarge either of the underarm photos you will notice how long and dark the hairs are in that area. 

My bikini area also had spotty shedding.  The little 'happy trail' seemed to have the least progress, followed by overall scattered results.

Overall my happiness with laser hair removal has fallen dramatically since my fifth laser hair removal treatment.  I am trying to be patient and remind myself that I still have three more appointments, but it is really discouraging to be a year into my treatments and have spotty results from my treatment.

I am very disappointed that my usually technician is no longer employed by Ideal Image.  I wish I knew why.  She was the nicest technician.  She was the only one who would take the time to explain why the settings were set to each number and how increasing it would effect my results and skin.  -- I guess that is the price of going to a clinic and not a private doctor.

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