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Smoother Skin and Touch Up Spots

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It has been almost three weeks since my last laser hair removal treatment and my skin is almost hair free.

There were a few missed patches in my bikini area that I had to have treated last week.  When I went in for this treatment I asked my practitioner about the settings being used on me.  I expressed my concern about them being too low.  I explained to her that after the first two treatments there was little to no redness and it was almost pain free.

She explained that the machine we were using (Candela GentleLase) was very powerful and since I was seeing results there was no reason to risk burning and scaring.  Also since I was using the largest spot size (18 mm), that I didn't need to same amount of energy someone using a smaller spot size would require.

I still wanted to go to a higher setting, so she agree to do the missed spots at 14J instead of 12J.  Although I was delighted at the increase, I wanted my fourth treatment to be at 16J, not 14J, as she indicated.  I thought if I did well (no burning) at 14J for the spot treatment that would be a good indicator that I could move up to 16J for my next treatment.

She then proceeded to tell me a horrific story of a women who ended up with her entire left thigh and some areas on her lower legs burned.  The lady had type three skin, was on her 8th treatment and wanted to increase from 14J to 16J.  Although she had been through two previous treatments at 14J the 16J proved to be too powerful for her skin and she was burned.

After this story I couldn't imagine questioning the settings and agreed to whatever she suggested.  Now I am having second thoughts, because I have type II skin and have tolerated these other treatments very well.  Also, she told me that had she started my treatments she would have started my energy level at 14J not 10. 

Ideal Image has recommended settings for all skin types.  On the GentleLase at 18mm they are:

Type II - 10 to 20 J

Type III - 14 to 20 J

The first lady who treated me classified my skin type as III because I tan easily.  I have had a few people tell me afterwards that I have type II skin, because it is so pale.

I am going to call Ideal Image and ask that the medical director review my chart and see if it would be safe to use 16J for my next treatment.  The nurse providing my treatment suggested I do this if I was not satisfied with the results of the re-touched spots treated at 14J.

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