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Still Smooth One Month After Last Laser Treatment

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It has been nearly a month since my third laser hair removal treatment and my skin is still very smooth.

The missed spots that had to be re-treated shed completely and are extremely smooth.  I actually think those spots are smoother than the other areas.  Those spots were treated at 14J instead of 12J.  I don't seem to have any pepperspots in those re-treated areas either!

My upper-lip has a lot of blond hairs growing back but no black ones.  If you click on the first picture you can see the blond hairs.  I am very happy with the laser hair removal results on my upper-lip.

My underarms area also having great results.  There is some finer hair growth, but very little.  I still haven't shaved any of the areas since the last treatment.  The few hairs that have grown back in my underarms are soft and a light brown.

My bikini area is pretty smooth.  There is some hair growth in the center of my bikini area.  (This hair is coarse and dark.)  I also have a few hair growing around the edges of the bikini area, but this is light and soft.

The one problem that I have with my bikini area is pepperspots.  I have scrubbed and exfoliated, but I cannot get them to go away.  I was told that by not shaving until the shedding process was over that I would have less pepperspots.  This is the first time I have had pepperspots and the first time I didn't shave.  I'm not sure if not shaving is the reason I have pepperspots, but I will shave next time and see what happens.

Overall I am happy with my laser hair removal treatment progress.  I am looking forward to the results after my next treatment, which isn't until late November.  I was considering calling to have the medical director look over my case to see if I could skip the 14J and go straight to 16J, but I don't think I will.  I seem to have good results from 12J and really great results from the spots treated at 14J.  I understand there is some controversy about low settings causing the hair to grow in thinner and lighter, which makes it untreatable, but I am okay with that.  I would rather have thin blond hair than burn marks.

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