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Shedding After the 2nd Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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July 6, 2006 Some Shedding

Some shedding.  Today was the first day I saw signs of shedding.  There was not much, about a dozen hairs in my underwear.  Iím relieved the shedding process is slow and not noticeable.  I shave my underarms as normal, so the hairs are so short I donít notice the shedding at all.  I hope I have the same week or two of smoothness that I experienced last time.

July 9, 2006 Heavy Shedding

I am now seeing a lot of shedding, mostly in the bikini area.  I believe I am shedding just as much under my arms and above my upper-lip, but itís just not as noticeable.  The hair in my bikini line is not as dense as before the treatment and the hair that is left is much softer than my non-treated hair. 

I believe the hair has temporarily stopped growing.  What Iím assuming is that the laser killed the hair in the active growth phase, and it will take a few days or weeks before the hair in other phases to grow above the skin.  The in-between time will probably be the Ďweek of smoothnessí as I experienced after the first treatment.


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