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Seven Weeks After Fifth Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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I have so much hair!  Seven weeks after my fifth laser hair removal appointment and the amount of hair is ridiculous.  The hair is long, dark and coarse.  I wasnít expecting to be hair free after five laser hair removal treatments, but I expected a significant reduction in hair! 

Why does hair removal have to be such a pain?  When are they going to invent a magical pill that stops hair growth everywhere on you body except head and eyebrows? Why is being hairless so attractive?  I can see my luck being that as soon as Iím hair free, hair will be stylish.  Not that I want itchy hair everywhere, but I do hope that smooth hair-free skin isnít just a trend. 

I guess facial hair on women will never be fashionable, so I donít really need to worry about having my disgusting mustache zapped.  Maybe Iíll regret if I decide to have a sex change, but Iím pretty happy as a women, so there isnít much of a chance that will happen.  Hey, maybe I should consider a sex change, all of my hair could make me a very sexy man. LOL

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