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2nd Laser Hair Removal Treatment 6-28-06

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I applied the numbing cream to my bikini line about 45 minutes before my appointment.  It is a clear gel without a smell.  I wrapped the area in plastic wrap as instructed then set off for my appointment.  Again the staff was very courteous and professional. 

A different RN performed my laser hair removal for this treatment.  She was very nice and professional.  She asked how the first treatment went.  I told her about the shedding and that I thought the hair was thinner.  I also mention the Ďodd patchí, which Iím now happy occurred b/c it gave me reference spot I could compare to the treated area.  The RN said that since I had good results with the first treatment she wasnít going to increase the strength of the laser.  I explained that the first treatment didnít hurt and if it meant faster results that I wanted the increased strength of the laser.  She said a higher setting wouldnít necessary mean better results and if it wasnít worth the risk of burning and scaring.  So I had the second treatment at a 10. 

Again I wore the protective glasses and we started with my upper-lip.  I stretched my upper-lip over my teeth like the first time, but she said to relax my lip.  I did as told and she started to zap away.  It was a little more painful than the first time, but still no where close to the pain of waxing.  I think the reason it was more painful was because my lip wasnít stretched out.  Also this lady didnít zap my nose hairs like the first lady did. 

Next she did my underarms.  The pain was minimal just like the first time.  It only took a few seconds than we moved on to my bikini area.

 I explained to her that I had my mole removed about 4 weeks earlier.  I told her it was safe to zap over it even though the dermatologist told me to avoid the area.  The mole was completely healed and I didnít want the odd patch, so I figured it would be okay.  As you can see in the pictures there is only a slight red mark where the mole had been.  The area didnít hurt any more than the rest of my bikini area.  Overall the treatment hurt more that the first time.  Again, I wasnít stretched out like the first time.  This RN had me spread my legs like a frog where the first lady had me pull one leg up at a time like when you are waxing.  Also I donít think this lady was as organized b/c it felt like she was going over some areas more than once.  Iím not really sure if the numbing cream worked, next time I will apply a thicker layer.  After the finished my bikini area I flipped over and she did the butt crack, again no real pain, it only took a few minutes.

 Lastly she did my areolas, same as the first treatment very little pain.

 When I was done she asked if there were any other areas I wanted treated, like my toes.  Iím not going to say "no" to a free treatment, so she zapped my toes Ė no charge.  Iím curious about the results, as I had not shaved my toes. I guess weíll see in a few weeks. =)

If you look at the picture, Underarm 1, you can see I have a few small ingrown hairs.  As the shedding process begins I believe these will go away.

In the picture, Bikini Area 1, you can see the slight redness of the ingrown hair I had from the first treatment.  It should disappear soon.

Bikini Area 2 shows the scar left behind from having my mole removed.  After removing the mole I was able to have my entire bikini area treated.

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