Laser Hair Removal Journal
Reduced Hair Growth
8-13 and 8-20 2006

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Aug 13, 2006  Reduced Hair Growth

 The hair in my bikini area, underarms and upper lip has grown back thinner than before the first laser hair removal treatment.  The hairs are long, dark and thick, just like before the first treatment, but there are fewer hairs. 

I have shaved both my bikini area and my underarms since the last journal entry.  You can see the mix of long and short hairs.  You can also see lots of pores which once contained hair, but are now hair free. 

Although I can see a difference in my upper lip and underarms, the most noticeable reduction in hair is in my bikini area.  The hair is growing back in patches.  There are large nearly smooth areas, which give me hope to be completely hair free after I have finished all of the laser hair removal treatments.

Aug 20, 2006 

I have not shaved my bikini area since the last journal entry and you can see all of the hairs are long, but spaced far away from each other.  So far, I think these pictures are the best indication of reduction of hair growth.  Compare these pictures to the ones taken before the first laser hair removal treatment to see the reduction in hair.

My next laser hair removal treatment is in four days.  Iím very excited to see the results because Ideal Image will be increasing the strength of the laser from 10 to 12 on the GentleLase laser. 


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