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Hour After Fifth Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Finally, after a 6 month break, I had my fifth laser hair removal treatment.  I was a little nervous because I had been in the sun during those six months, but I had avoided all sun four week before my treatment.  I still had a little bit of a tan line on my butt, but the tanned area was not being treated.  I was careful during those six months to always wear swimsuits that covered the areas to be treated, to apply lots of sun-block and to wear a hat.  So I guess I was okay.

My treatment went well, I guess.  The technician was really fast.  I hadn't seen her before, and I wonder how long she had been doing laser hair removal.  I don't know why I didn't ask.  She was so fast, I can't help but to wonder if she missed any areas.  I don't think she did, but you never know.

I really liked that she paused in between treating my underarms and bikini area to apply aloe.  This seems to help a lot with the redness.  Even though the treatment time was only 5 - 10 minutes I couldn't see any signs of redness in my upper lip area after she finished. (Ideal Image has a mirror in the lobby, which I always use to check for redness in my face.)

She did increase the settings.  I was treated at 18 J on the Candela GentleLase Alexandrite Laser.  My spot size was 15 mm on my face and 18 mm on my underarms and bikini area.  I have heard that 20 joules is the highest setting on an 18 mm spots size on this laser, so I guess my next three appointments will all be at the same setting.  I know you can have higher joules at smaller spot sizes, but I don't think they are as effective as the 20 J at 18 mm.

The Pain

I definitely flinched during each zap on my upper lip.  I don't remember it being so painful, but as soon as the pain came it went.  I didn't even feel a need for aloe on my upper lip, but I applied it just in case.

My underarms hurt to, but the pain differed at each zap.  It went so quick, I still can't believe she didn't miss huge areas.  The pain was more intense in the outer areas of my underarms.  I thought it would be more painful in the center, because that seems to be the area that has more hair.  Maybe it is more painful where the skin is a little bit more loose?  I know waxing seems to hurt more in the fleshy areas.

My bikini area hardly hurt at all.  I had applied lots of the numbing cream about 1.5 hours before the treatment.  I wrapped it in plastic wrap and was numb by the appointment.  There were a few areas that hurt a lot.  -- That tiny spot just before the lips, and my thighs/butt area were the two worst spots of all! OUCH --

I am a little nervous by the lack of pain.  The first two treatment didn't hurt, and they didn't have effective results.  Maybe my pre-treatment painkillers did the trick?  I took an Alieve about 2.5 hours before the treatment.  Then I took TWO Midols about 1 hour before the treatment.  This is the first time I've taken Midol for laser hair removal.  I wonder if that was the magic drug.  I am a huge fan of Midol, as it is the only thing that helps with my period.  If it works for that, maybe it worked for this.

It is now seven hours since the treatment and I the areas treated have not turned red again.  This may be due to the quick and generous application of aloe, the loose cotton clothing, or letting the areas breath freely once I got home.  I'm not really sure which of these three things kept the areas from becoming inflamed, but I'm sure to do all three things again next time.



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