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New Hair Growth after Third Laser Treatment

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It has been about seven weeks since my last laser hair removal treatment.  There is some dark hair growth in all of the areas that were treated except the spots that were re-touched at a higher setting.

My upper lip has a few dark hairs, most are located very close to my lips or in the corners of my mouth.  It is only noticeable within inches of my face, so I'm still happy with the results.

My underarms have quite a bit of hair growth.  The hairs are very long, but they are soft and spread out. It isn't visible from a few feet away so I still haven't shaved.  I want to go as long as possible without shaving so I can see the results from the treatments.

My bikini area seems to have the best results.  Although the area does have some hair growth overall it is much smoother than before the treatments.  There are still pepperspots on the outer edges of my bikini area, but very little hair growth there.  The hairs that have grown back are very soft.  I don't have any ingrown hairs, and haven't had any in a long time.  Overall the skin in that area look healthier.  There are no more large pores with black hairs waiting to pop out.  If it wasn't for the no sun rule I could actually wear a bikini and not feel self conscious about my bikini line!



Last Treatment:
Laser: Alexandrite Candela GentleLase
Treatment number  3
Spot Size: 18mm
Energy Setting: 12J

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