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More Dark Hair Growth 13 Weeks After Treatment

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There was a lot of hair growth during the 11th and 12th week after my fourth laser hair removal treatment.  I expected a boom in hair growth, so I am not disappointed.  I wish I had less hair growth by now, but considering my first three treatments were at such low settings (10 & 12 J) I am not surprised that I do not have better results.

My upper lip seems to have the most hair growth.  It is still less hair than before I began the treatments so I must assume the treatments are working.  I have been reading more and more about facial laser hair removal and am afraid that it wasn't the best idea.  The hair on my face is thin and light brown so it won't respond as well to the treatments.  Also, there have been several women that have claimed that laser hair removal on the face has caused new hair growth. 

I read a post on a hair removal forum from the owner of Smooth Solutions, a hair removal center in Texas,  and he said there are four possible explanations for new hair growth following laser treatment:

  1. The hairs growth cycles sync up and give the appearance of new hair growth because all of the current hair is now growing at the same time.
  2. New hair is produced because of hormones or PCOS. This normally happens with young girls.
  3. The laser induces growth in the areas treated.  They may be hairs that were dormant and the laser stimulated them into the growth phase, these hairs may have shown up later in ones life. (For example my mom had a huge amount of hair growth on her chin in her mid 40's.)  This is most common among women of middle eastern or Mediterranean decent.  It is treatable but takes more time and treatments than originally planned.
  4. Hairs near the areas being treated are induced into the growth phase.  Personally I think this would be the most frustrating type of 'new' hair growth, as you may have to pay more for this treatment.  -- I may have had this happen in my bikini area, but I'm not completely sure.  I feel like there are two spots on my inner thighs/buttock that did not have hair before I started the treatment.  Fortunately it is still apart of my bikini area so the area is covered in my package.

Anyways, from my research I would have to say if I had it to do over again I would not pay for laser hair removal on my upper lip.  I think the risks of more hair growth, burning, discoloration and the treatment not being effective are not worth the money and time.  I think electrolysis would have been a much wiser option for me.  Another annoyance of laser hair removal on the face is trying to avoid sunlight.  It is easy to keep my bikini area and underarms covered up, but wearing hats every time I am in the sun is a problem.

I will probably continue my laser treatments on my upper lip because I have already paid for them, but I am certain I will have to follow up with electrolysis.  Also, I want to have my side burns and blond hairs removed.

Currently I am happy with the results in my bikini and underarm areas.  I think there is about 60% hair reduction.  The hairs that are present are very easy to shave and I do not have the horrible problem with ingrown hairs that I once had.


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