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Lots of Dark Hair Growth

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Since my last journal entry (about three weeks ago) there has been some change in my hair growth.  The hair appears thicker, but not much.  Most of the change in appearance seems to be from the hair growing longer rather than new hair growth.

I has now been three and a half months since my last laser hair removal treatment.  During these three months I have not waxed, tweezed or shaved my upper lip or bikini area.  I shave my underarms every couple of days.  These pictures were taken about a week after I shaved my underarms.  As you can see there is a lot of hair growth, but it is softer than before I started the treatments and easier to shave.  Overall I think there is about 50% hair reduction in bikini and underarm area.  My upper lip doesn't seem to have that much of a change.  I hope the stronger settings which will be used in my remaining laser hair removal treatments have more of an effect on my upper lip.

I remember letting my bikini hair grow out for about two months before I had my first bikini wax, and it was awful.  I didn't realize that the hair only needed to be a few centimeters long for the waxing to work, so I just let it all grow wild.  It was a thick mass of black, coarse hair.  The lady who waxed me said she had never seen so much bikini hair, she spent about 10 minutes shaving it with an electric shaver which kept jamming because there was so much hair.  Even if this is the best the treatments can do for me, I am happy!  There is a major improvement in the amount and type of hair left.  

I am getting a few small ingrown hairs in my underarm area, but nothing compared to before the treatments.  I don't think I've had any in my bikini area. 

I am really looking forward to resuming my treatments and having nearly all of the hair removed.  My only concern is my upper lip.  I really think I will have to seek electrolysis to have decent results with the hair on my upper lip.


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