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Hours After Fourth Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Hours after my fourth laser hair removal treatment my skin was still red and tender.

The redness and blisters in both the bikini area and the underarms went away at first, but after a few hours the redness returned.  It was much like a sunburn, the redness developed slowly over time.  I continued to apply aloe vera to ease the pain.  It wasn't extremely painful, but I wouldn't want to do a lot of walking or anything. Fortunately, I didn't have to go to work after this treatment, so I could just relax and re-apply the aloe every hour or so.  Also, I think not using deodorant helped. After my last treatment I developed dark red and blackish marks after the treatment.  This was only in my underarm area, so I believe it was because the deodorant irritated the skin.  Also, unlike with the constant application of aloe vera, the underarms didn't have a chance to release heat and heal quickly.

There are distinct red dots around most of the pores that contain dark coarse hair in my bikini area and underarms. I have read about this on several different websites, and it is a good sign.  Because the laser concentrates on the darkest pigments, these areas will receive the most heat. Since I can see red spots around hairs, I know that these areas received a lot of energy, which is likely to kill the hair follicle.

My upper lip did not become red again.  While I don't want to walk around with red irritated skin on my face, I do want for the treatments to be effective.  I'm not sure if the best settings were used on my upper lip, or if that area just isn't as sensitive as my bikini area and underarms.


It has been more than 24 hours since my laser hair removal treatment.  My underarms are still tender, and there are still red dots in my bikini area and underarms. I have not applied aloe vera gel, but I did apply a little aloe vera lotion, it is an after sun treatment.

Fourth Laser Treatment:
Laser: Alexandrite Candela GentleLase
Treatment number  4
Spot Size: 18mm (15mm for upper lip)
Energy Setting: 16J

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