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Hair Long But Sparse After 5th Laser Treatment

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It has been five and a half weeks since my fifth laser hair removal appointment.  Usually at five weeks the hair is just beginning to grow back, but this time there is lots of long dark hair in my bikini area and underarm area.  I am so frustrated with my progress!  I keep trying to remind myself that I still have three more appointments and I should wait until then to judge the effectiveness of laser hair removal, but I just can't believe I still have this much hair after FIVE laser hair removal treatments!

I didn't completely shed after my last appointment.  My skin didn't get red or swell right after I was zapped.  WHY?  Why didn't I respond to this last treatment.  Is it my fault for taking a 6 month break from treatments?  Or was it the technicians fault for going so fast?

My next appointment is less than a month away.  I can't wait to see those results.  I really hope they are better than these!

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