Laser Hair Removal Journal
Boom of Hair Growth
8-28-06 through 9-4-06

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I had to cancel my third laser hair removal treatment appointment and the next available appointment time was two weeks later.  I wasn't expecting a drastic change in hair growth but if you look at the pictures you can see there was a boom of hair growth in my bikini, underarms and upper lip areas.  Most of the hair growth took place in the tenth week after my last treatment. 

The first picture to the right was taken on 8-28-06 (nine weeks after my last treatment).  The other pictures were taken on 9-4-06 (ten weeks after my last treatment).

I had shaved all of the areas to be treated on August 24th, the day of my original appointment.  I didn't shave my bikini area again until I took these photos and as you can see there is lots of hair.  This really concerns me because I thought those hair free patches meant the hair follicle had been killed and would not grow again.  Another reason I am concerned is that I've read about incidents where people simply could not be effectively treated by laser hair removal.  There are cases or people with the ideal hair/skin type that have not responded to laser hair treatments.  I really hope I am not one of those people.

The laser settings that are being used on me are very low.  I am using the Candela GentleLase at 10 J.  It has been at 10 J for both the first and second treatment.  I have been told by a member of hairtell's forum that this setting is too low for my skin type and that while I may experience shedding, the hair follicle may only be temporarily damaged and the hair would grow back.

Although I am nervous and have my doubts about laser hair removal, the hair is thinner and softer than before I started the treatment.

I will continue to post my results, whether the treatment has been effective or ineffective.

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