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Bikini Area Mole Removal 6-8-06

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Until today, I’ve had a small mole in my bikini area.  I decided to have it removed so I wouldn’t have any more problems with missed areas during my laser hair removal treatments.  I was very nervous about having it removed; I had no idea how easy it was.  The dermatologist inspected all of my moles. (I have about 6 of them.)  She said none of them looked dangerous.  All of them were small, symmetrical, and a solid brown color. 

To remove the mole she started by numbing the area.  It was just a quick shot, not unbearable, but probably the most painful part of the procedure.  Then she takes a razor blade and cuts off the mole.  A small Band-Aid and I was ready to go home.  The entire appointment took about 45 minutes.  The best thing about it was my insurance covered everything. =)

Just to update - One year later and the mole scar is no longer visible.

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