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Before The First Laser Hair Removal Treatment 4-22-06

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After a year of thinking about it, I finally decided to get laser hair removal for my bikini area, underarms and upper lip. 

Living in Miami I thought I would be able to ask around and find plenty of friends or co-workers who had received laser hair removal treatments, but not a single person stepped up to say ‘hey I did it, it was great, go here.”  So I spent months on-line, reading websites, forums and advertisements.  It seems as if no one wants to tell you the bad stuff, like you can kiss sunlight good-bye for the next year!

  Each treatment is 5 to 10 weeks apart. So, let’s take an average of 7 treatments at 7 weeks apart and you have 49 weeks of treatments, plus the 4 weeks “no sun” rule following treatments; that is 53 weeks or just over one year without sun, beach, skiing, or tanning!  Actually Ideal Image, where I am having laser hair removal, estimated the process to take 5 to 8 treatments at 8 to 10 weeks apart.  That is about a year and a half of living in shadows.

Now I’m not saying this to discourage you from seeking laser hair removal, I am after-all, going through the treatments myself.  I just want to provide you with all the details you won’t find in those glossy advertisements promising ‘permanent, pain free hair removal.’ 

I chose to go to Ideal Image in Aventura, Florida for my hair removal treatments.  At first I thought I wanted to go to a dermatologist, because there was a secure feeling from the M.D. behind the name of the person actually shooting a laser near my sensitive areas.  But then I realized, at Ideal Image all they do all day long is laser hair removal; they must be good at it.  Hopefully, my assumption is correct; because my first treatment is on Tuesday, during my lunch break.

Isn’t that wonderful, I can have this done during lunch.  No sick days required. =)  They estimated the total time to have my full Brazilian, underarms and upper lip to take about 30 minutes.  If you want your entire body done, for about $8,000 it will take around two hours, but small areas can take less than 10 minutes. 

I am a little concerned about what my lip will look like when I return to work, but they said I could apply make-up after the treatment.  The warned that my lip would be red, it may get puffy, but this usually only last a couple of hours, sometimes up to 24 hours.  They did tell me that fair-skinned people, like myself, usually have less of a problem than darker skinned patients. 

I was very impressed with the staff at Ideal Image.  First thing I noticed was the lack of men.  Not to be sexist, but when I’m walking into an office to talk about facial and pubic hair removal, I don’t want a man asking me ‘what color is your pubic hair’.  The receptionist and I actually discussed this, and there is a male receptionist and salesman, but all of the nurses are women. 

The nurses perform the laser hair removal, which is a relief. Only medical professionals - registered nurses, nurse practitioners and licensed physician assistants - perform the laser procedures for Ideal Image.  The receptionist let me know that everyone one of the ladies performing the procedure has their master’s degrees. 

The cost of my treatment is $2,962.  This is for upper-lip, full bikini (Brazilian without the butt-crack) and underarms.  Because I am having three areas done they gave me a 15% discount. 

The price break out is:

Upper-lip $595

Underarms $895

Brazilian $1,995

Areolas $695

Perianal $695

Full body $8,000

Ideal Image also offers 15 months of interest free financing. =)

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