Laser Hair Removal Journal

What to expect after a laser hair removal treatment.

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The area treated may be red and swollen for 30 minutes to two days after the treatment.  Typically the redness goes away within one hour.

The hair will grow normally for the first 7 to 14 days.  After 7 days you may notice the hairs began to fall out, this process is called shedding.  The hair will shed for two to three weeks.  The third, fourth and fifth weeks after a treatment are the smoothest weeks in between treatments.  Usually the hair starts to grow back after five to six weeks, but it is thinner and softer than before the treatment.  Also the hair may grow back in patches.  I noticed this most in my bikini area.

You may develop pepper spots.  Pepper spots are hairs left in the pores, which are no longer growing, but have broken off at the opening of the pore.  These hairs take longer to remove than the longer ones that shed, but you can help remove them by exfoliating your skin.

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