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Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

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I found my first two laser hair removal treatments relatively pain free.  There was some pain when my bikini area was done, but it wasnít bad.  The laser pulse is so quick and followed by a cool spray of moisture that instantly relieves the pain.  When the technician is doing a larger area she repeatedly shoots the laser, this causes a little pain.  If this becomes intolerable just tell the technician to stop, a short break, and you are ready to go again. 

A darker skinned friend of mine said the experience was painful, but nothing compared to waxing or tweezing.  Also the technicians have said that men donít handle the pain very well.  If you find the treatments too painful ask for a topical numbing cream.  I have also taken Tylenol before my treatments.

Overall I donít believe anyone will find the treatments more uncomfortable than waxing or even entering the ocean after a recent shave.

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