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How to choose a laser hair removal treatment provider.

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Choosing a laser hair removal center can be difficult.  There are many advertisements from different clinics claiming they are the best for one reason or another.  Do your research.  Find out how much they charge, what their policies are, who performs the procedure and what type of lasers are used before you commit to anything.  I suggest you go to at least 3 centers for a free consultation before making your decision. 

 There are two main things to consider when choosing where to have your laser treatments, the type of laser and the experience of the technician. 

 Different types of laser work better for different types of skin.   The GentleLASE an Alexandrite long pulse laser works well on light skin with dark hair.  For darker skinned types the Nd: YAG works well.  There are other lasers made for both light skinned and dark skinned patients, please do your research before you put yourself under a laser.

 Find out if your technician has experience working with people with your skin type.  Ask if you can speak to someone of your skin type who has had treatments.  The experience level of your technician is very important.  Find out as much information about them as possible.

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