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Can you tan in between laser treatments?

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I am often asked if I tanned in between my laser hair removal treatments, or if I used artificial tanning sprays.  - No I do not tan in between my laser treatments.

It is best that you avoid sun between treatments.

My practitioner told me to wait 4 weeks after my treatment before going into the sun.  I have read online to wait 2 weeks, but I've also heard stories of people going in the sun after only a couple of days.  I've stuck to the side of caution and waited 4 weeks before wearing my swimsuit.

After you have sun you must wait until your tan has completely faded before having your next treatment.  They typically tell you to avoid sun four weeks before your treatment, but if you have a really good tan it will take much longer than 4 weeks to fade.


IF you cannot avoid being in the sun, then take precautions.  Wear sun-block. - I like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block SPF 45.  Neutrogena recently came out with a product that they claim blocks more UVA and UVB rays than other sun-blocks; it is Suncare with Helioplex.

Also, wear protective clothing over the areas to be treated.  I bought boy-short swimsuits to cover my bikini area and a wide brim hat to protect my upper lip.

The only time I enjoyed the sun during my treatments was when I took a six month break.  I had to leave the country for work, and I decided to take that time to enjoy the beach.  I made sure to avoid the sun 7 weeks before my treatments resumed, and I always wore SPF 45.  I still had a tan line on my butt, from snorkeling.  Fortunately the tan was only on my back and was not in any of the areas to be treated.

Fake Tan - If you are using a spray-on tan you can apply it two weeks before/after the treatments.  I have used lots of artificial tans during my treatment.  It is critical that all of the fake tan is removed before your laser treatment.  I never applied it within two weeks of a treatment, and I would carefully exfoliate after using it.

You must also wait two weeks after the treatment before applying the fake tan.  The laser traumatizes your skin, and it is best to give it time to heal before applying any harsh chemicals.

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