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The laser hair removal experience of a 25 year old woman with detailed journal entries and step by step pictures.

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I started researching laser hair removal about six months before undergoing my first treatment. 

During my research, I found many websites with a wealth of information about the types of lasers used, how they worked, the cost of the procedure, and before & after pictures.

Unfortunately, when it came to details of how your skin and hair looked or felt during the treatment, there was nothing to be found. 

In order to give prospective patients a better idea of these day-to-day changes, I have kept a detailed journal of my laser hair removal experience.

My laser hair removal journal follows the entire laser hair removal process by providing a weekly journal of the treatments, shedding and hair re-growth.

Along with the detailed descriptions in my journal, I've also photographed the treated areas to provide a comprehensive collection of picture galleries that document each phase of the procedure. To view the laser hair removal pictures, click on the preceding link.

To compliment my journal, I have created a list of laser hair removal frequently asked questions. I compiled the answers by perusing hundreds of websites, consulting several hair removal specialists and drawing upon my own personal laser hair removal experience.  If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ list email me -

Looking for a reputable licensed technician or physician? Then check out my Laser Hair Removal Clinic Directory.  If you would like to recommend a clinic, plastic surgeon or other laser practitioner not currently listed in the directory, please click on the preceding link. Alternatively, if you have a review, opinion or comment about one of the laser hair removal centers listed in the directory, send me an email with as many details as possible.

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